Rest Stop Pleasures, part 1

Sunny and warm for a change. About six big rigs were pulled into the rest stop, but they rarely delivered on the promise. But there were eight cars parked, staggered along the sidewalk. How many had warm cocks ready to be stroked or sucked. I would find out.

I walked into the men’s room. No one. I took out my limp cock and stroked gently. I was not feeling anything really except some boredom and growing lust. In a minute, a tall thin man, older than I was, walked in wearing loose shorts and a jacket. Only three urinals, and he went to the one by the wall. I was stroking, and he made no moves. I felt my cock stir a little, and looked up. He was staring at the wall, disinterested in me. He arranged his package as if

He had fInished with a piss. I expected him to just walk away. I looked over, our eyes locked, and he took a half step back, holding his cock inside his shorts. I stared and looked up. He gathered the hem of his left leg and started pulling it up, exposing a small, soft cut head. I stepped back exposing my semi hard dick, and he looked at me, waiting. I reached over, stroking him a little. He pulled his pants leg up more, exposing his cock and balls, surrounded by gray/chestnut golden hair. His cock was smooth under my touch. I bent over and sucked his limp cock into my mouth. I pulled him in a few times, counting on a soft blow job, when I felt his cock thicken quickly and begin to stand up. He probably had been wanking in his car. 

He pushed me away and pulled his shorts down to his knees. He went from passive to active. "You want this hard cock, don’t you?" I licked his glans and then took him to the back of my throat. "Yeah, you old cock sucker, suck me, pull me in." I felt him grow more and he hit the back of my throat. It was wonderful. Long slow swallows, with lots of tongue action. 

"Very nice. Suck it, deep." He was in as far as he could reach and I could not get him into my throat. I grabbed his balls, opened my mouth and pushed into his groin. His head popped into my throat and I felt his knees buckle just a bit. I stayed there, running my tongue under his cock, feeling his cum vein grow. He began to fuck my mouth. I kept by jaw opened, but closed my tongue on him while he fucked my mouth, and then felt him fucking my throat. He held my head while he rammed into me and pulled me to him. He moaned and I thought he would cum. 

Suddenly, I heard noise outside, and we both recovered, standing up. He left, and I waited for the new guy to show interest. Nope...a quick piss and departure. I waited and my buddy did not come back in. I finally cleaned up and walked to the car. There he was sitting just to the left. I waited, stroked, watched for anymore potential cummers. Finally, I went back inside, and a guy departed. I heard the door open, and in he walked. This time he just leaned back on the wall and pulled his pants down. His limp cock rolled under my touch, but quickly responded to my mouth. In no time he was face fucking me again. I thought he would cum as I pressed my pinger against his asshole, and then popped through into a sweaty, wet anus. Again, he was getting close...another noise outside. 

We jumped, pretended, and broke apart. The new guy was much younger, gave no eye contact, so I left after a few minutes. I needed to get back to work so drove away. Then I realized, my buddy had stayed there, and I kicked myself for not joining them both. 

Maybe tomorrow. I will try again.


Stopped for on the way home and was feeling very horny. After a while I wandered into the men’s room after a wave left. One guy was in a stall, apparently in some degree of unbelievable passion, or suffering sever bowel discomfort. I stroked my cock, and the door opened. A tall man in an expensive sports coat and pricey slacks took the corner urinal. He was pissing, looking in the corner, and then started quick furtive glances over the stall divider. Then he would back off, and glance again. Another older man walked in and stood to my right. All three stalls occupies, and a man in pain on the toilet. Cozy.

I was stroking, and so were they. I stepped back a bit more and exposed my little cock, hard and thickening. The tall guy in the corner exposed a very long, curved cock, red and engorged. I was impressed. He would not step out, but the guy to my right stepped back and held a log, a real thick, long straight cock that made my mouth open wide. I stroked him, and also reached for the guy in the corner. He turned away, leaned toward me, and then away again. I concentrated on the thicker cock and he was pleased. Suddenly the shitter started wiping, flushing and recovering. We all pretended to finish and left. 

I sat in the car, Mr Corner walked to the corner, and returned in a few minutes with a water bottle. Mr. Thicker sauntered out, mad eye contact and walked to his car. A number of guys cycled through and suddenly there was no traffic. First Mr. Thicker went in, followed quickly by the still nervous Mr. Corner. I followed in a minute. They were making eyes at each other, but not even side by side. Good, I got the middle position. I exposed my softened cock, to Mr Corner and he stared, just stared. I swung to Mr. Thicker who whipped around and pointed his monster at me, like a one eyed pipe. I bent over and sucked it in, leaning sideways. I could not really get a good swallow, but he did not care, and pulled my head into his belly. I let him go right into my throat, gagging seriously, and bobbing with a strain. He was marvelous. I looked down as I pulled off to swallow again and saw Mr. Corner’s feet almost under my head. How long cock deserved some attention so I reached out to take it. He literally jumped back with both feet, and pulled cock aside. It was long, swollen and looked like he was ready to blow. Then it went limp with concern. Done, no more wast on him.

I bent in front of my stud, swallowing him front on, and felt his pipe filling and swelling like a full squish hose attached the underside of his hard cock. Massive, sexy, and he was moaning. I knew he would fill me to overflowing and I suddenly wondered if I would have spillage and have to sneak into the house. He had my head and was in his rhythm suddenly the door started to open, slowly. I jumped up, staring over the urinal, as Mr. Thicker looked like he was going to sob. I pretended to zip, washed and departed. I had wanted a finish, but had loitered a long time already. The new guy looked over the divider and Mr Thicker and I heard the intake of his breath. I chuckled, said, "Enjoy." I felt my stiff cock tenting my office dress slacks and enjoyed walking in front of five or six cars with guys sitting and looking. 

Fun day at the rest stop. Back tomorrow. 

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